How much water do you drink daily? It is more and more common to see people with water bottles at their desks, and work environments. We humans need water to survive. This is not surprising, seeing as water makes up 50-75% of our body, 75% of our brain, and 92% of our blood.

Drinking water daily keeps our body and mind functioning optimally – physically and mentally.

Shawn Stevenson explained on his show, The Model Health Show, that, “Just a 5% drop in our body’s fluid levels can lead to a 25 to 35% drop in energy. Instantly.” Stevenson continues, “water level is so very important and part of the reason is that when you get to a certain point of dehydration you actually start to damage your DNA.”

Our brains need water to function properly. We must be mindful of the common use of air conditioners and heaters in offices, which can cause dehydration, it is up to us to make the effort to keep hydrated.

Effective leaders do not keep their water drinking habits to themselves, they encourage their people to do likewise - to keep hydrated.

"Rethink without over-thinking"

By Dayo Sowunmi II

GAICD, M.Comp (Monash)

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