I am excited to join the board of BAF (Bridge Africa Foundation), a not-for-profit organisation "enhancing quality in education for children in Africa" I am grateful to have the opportunity to contribute.

I am super-excited that my new daily affirmation app, I affirm, is available now on the iPhone App Store here.

Read positive affirmations daily to change your mindset. Download the app today!


I hope you will enjoy using I affirm, and find the app to be helpful. I welcome your feedback, so don't hesitate to send your honest and direct feedback. It can only help make I affirm even better!


I can't wait for you to give it a try… You're going to love it!


Thanks again, and have a positive day.

Also during the COVID lockdowns here in Melbourne, I had the opportunity to write my second book, a semi-fictional book based on my experiences and those of a group of friends. The book titled Road One gives an account of our adventures as university students starting in 1986. Take a journey through the highs and lows of student life, as Nigeria went through unprecedented economic hardship in the mid 1980s. The book includes some photos taken during my undergraduate days in Nigeria, highlighting the fashion, trends and atmosphere. Here's one of the photos of two close friends and I:

Grab your copy of Road One here.

Here's the synopsis for Road One...

October 1986, 16-year-old Banji has lived a sheltered life in Nigeria. He leaves home for the first time. He is thrust into an unfamiliar world to begin his university education. There he makes new friends. So begins a liberating, yet challenging, phase of his life. The harsh military government introduces austerity measures and devalues the local currency, bringing hyperinflation.


Banji and his friends face severe economic woes. They attempt side-hustle gigs to supplement their income while studying. They come of age experiencing highs and lows. Their resolve is tested. They face academic challenges, police brutality, relationship dramas and lose friends who die tragically, while Nigeria’s economy worsens.


Can they remain positive and persevere through adversity? Follow their journey as they pursue academic and life dreams, uncertain what the years ahead would bring. Each year brings new opportunities and challenges…

Here are some of my public-speaking gigs:

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