Managers Measure Metrics, Leaders Lift Lives

Leaders lift lives managers measure metrics

I love metrics. A number of my colleagues will certainly attest to that. Metrics are presented in many forms: cash flow statements and projections, balance sheets, income statements, graphs, charts, stats etc.

However, what I love more than metrics, is people.

Are you measuring metrics or leading lives? Read on...

Drinking Habits Of Effective Leaders

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How much water do you drink daily? We humans need water to survive. This is not surprising, seeing as water makes up 50-75% of our body, 75% of our brain, and 92% of our blood.

But how does this affect your effectiveness as a leader? Read on...

Breathing To Be A Better Leader

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Do you know how long the average person can survive without food, or without water, or without oxygen?

How does this impact your performance as a leader?...

Leading With Poise

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Poise is often under-valued, and may even be misconstrued as a sign of weak leadership. So why does a leader need poise to be effective?...

ASK - Always Seek Knowledge

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Why do we ask questions?...