Team Members' Mental States

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Dr Maxwell Maltz, in his classic book, Psycho-Cybernetics, wrote “the brain and nervous system constitute a marvellous and complex ‘goal-striving mechanism,’ a sort of built-in automatic guidance system which works for you as a ‘success mechanism,’ or against you as a ‘failure mechanism,’ depending on how ‘YOU,’ the operator, operate it and the goals you set for it.”...

Why We Need Good Sleep And A Nap Every Day

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Don't wait until you are dead till you sleep well.

... Later in this article I share the six benefits of sleeping well and napping daily...

The Best Leaders Are Lateral Thinkers

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As Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper so eloquently put it, you manage things and lead people. “Amazing Grace”, as she was fondly known, certainly led in her own style...

Great Leaders Know That Smiles Bridge Miles

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Smile often... Great leaders know that smiles bridge miles. Here's how...

Mind The Gap

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It is important for Project Leaders to recognise the gap between project management and business senior executives. This is most evident in terms of typical thought-processes for both groups.