Great Leaders Know That Smiles Bridge Miles

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Smile often... Great leaders know that smiles bridge miles. Here's how...

Mind The Gap

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It is important for Project Leaders to recognise the gap between project management and business senior executives. This is most evident in terms of typical thought-processes for both groups.

Leading In Times Of Risk

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Risk is a familiar concept in the business world. Leaders and Business Owners are regularly finding ways to minimise, avoid or transfer risk in their daily activities. Therefore, it is not surprising that risk management resonates well within the business community.

New Leadership Perspective To Effectiveness Vs Efficiency

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Effectiveness and efficiency have several letters in common, to the extent that five out of the six unique letters in the word efficiency are also found in the word effectiveness. In many ways, that is where the similarity ends. Effectiveness is doing the right things, and efficiency is doing things right.

When The Answer Is Not Enough

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When I was a kid, my dad often gave me math exercises to solve. He called them ‘math problems’, how true!