Promoting Cognitive Diversity In The Workplace

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Much has been said and written about advocating for more diversity and inclusion in the workplace. While we still have a long way to go, I applaud and support the move for more diversity and inclusion at work. One aspect of diversity that does not often get mentioned is cognitive diversity, defined as “differences in perspective and information processing styles” (Harvard Business Review)...

Anger Management: Hip-Hop To Classical

Anger mgmt

What music would you listen to in stressful work situations?

Music has always been a part of my life, for as long as I can remember. As I got into the workforce, I discovered that soft, classical music tends to help when I need to think. However, for those moments when I am under pressure, but did not want to show too much of the strain around team members, I chose to listen to hip-hop music, to soothe me. That was my attempt to channel my stress through the often-charged lyrics...

How Is A Great Leader Like A River?

Eru obodo

There's a wise saying among the Yoruba people in Nigeria where I grew up, which says “eru ob’odo.” This loosely translates to, “the river is never afraid.”

What does this wise saying mean to you? What images does it conjure up?...

Are You Leading On Your Feet Or From Your Seat?

Lead from feet

Given the increasing number of emails in all our inboxes (mostly junk mail), the reality is that email may not always be the most effective way of communicating. If you are co-located with team members, you could go to their desk rather than send an email. I find that team members appreciate the gesture and often tell you things they would not have written to you in an email...

5-Finger Flush Of Project Leadership And Delivery

5 card flush

Alan D Orr in his book, Advanced Project Management, emphasises four key elements required for successful project delivery. I add a fifth element to Orr’s list: I call these five elements the Five Finger Flush for two reasons...