Why Do Great Leaders Self-Analyse?

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Why is it that great leaders self-analyse?...

Letting The Phone Ring

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Imagine you are deep in thought, focusing/concentrating on a task or activity, then your phone rings.

How would you respond?...

Knowing Your People Better

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Know your people better. How often do we hear this? Do leaders really know their people at all? How does a leader go about knowing their people better?...

A Great Leader Is A Great 'Sherpa'

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According to a study published in the British Medical Journal 82% of the deaths on Mount Everest happen during or just after a summit attempt. How does this study impact a leader?

Promoting Cognitive Diversity In The Workplace

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Much has been said and written about advocating for more diversity and inclusion in the workplace. While we still have a long way to go, I applaud and support the move for more diversity and inclusion at work. One aspect of diversity that does not often get mentioned is cognitive diversity, defined as “differences in perspective and information processing styles” (Harvard Business Review)...